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Spring Grizzly Hunts: hunts available

We have a special hunting area to hunt spring Interior Grizzly in the mountains of Interior Alaska. Hunts are 10 days, beginning in Fairbanks, from which you are flown to the hunting area, about 1.5 hours by small plane. Hunts take place from a base camp, which can be moved. Spring weather is pleasant, as days grow longer, the sun shines brightly, and temperatures warm up. A warm sleeping bag is necessary as night temperatures will drop below freezing.

These hunts are a unique opportunity to observe the playful and thoughtful behavior of grizzlies as they emerge from their winter dens. Bears can be seen on hillsides right from camp. Once a suitable sized bear is spotted, we then stalk across both snowy ground and clear areas. Snowshoes are provided for when snow is soft, but are rarely needed.

Alaskan Black Bear: Spring and Fall hunts available
Please see price list for hunt cost
We offer a Spring black bear hunt near our trapline. This offers a unique experience for hunters to visit and stay at our trapline home if desired. As bears emerge from their dens in the spring, they can be found in grassy meadows feeding on the tender shoots and roots of spring sedges. Travel to and from hunting locations is in motorized boat and on foot. Grassy portions of the riverbank and meadows within walking distance of the river are where we focus. Camps are small enough to move to a new location each day if necessary, lending flexibility to which areas are hunted.

We also offer black bear in September in our Moose/Grizzly area on the Nowitna River drainage, where we hold exclusive guiding rights in a portion of the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge. Hunters can choose to focus on black bear, or hunt black bears on a trophy fee basis if participating in moose and grizzly hunts in September These hunts are in motorized canoe with mobile camps, allowing flexibility in hunting style. During this time of year, black bear are often feeding on or near the riverbanks in the early morning and late evening.

Alaskan Caribou: Fall hunts- August/September
Please see price list for hunt cost
We can recommend caribou in a variety of areas, including the Northern Brooks Range in the Sheep hunting area – the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We also recommend caribou hunting in the Kobuk river valley with a friend who has been there for over 30 years, Moose and Grizzly hunting is also available in the area. Caribou are often seen in small groups in valleys when hunting other game.

Hunters can either choose a hunt focusing solely on these animals, or hunt on a trophy fee basis if already booked for a Sheep, Moose, or Grizzly hunt in these areas.

Alaskan Wolf: Available to hunt in fall or trap in winter
There is no trophy fee to shoot wolves on our hunts
While we do not offer a special wolf hunt, hunters often see wolves while hunting other game, including moose, grizzly, and sheep. The State of Alaska requires hunters to purchase a wolf tag in advance of shooting a wolf in most areas. We recommend that all hunters buy a tag so that an opportunity will not be missed. If you see a wolf while hunting with us, you will not be charged a trophy fee.

We also offer winter Trapline Adventures, in which there are opportunities to trap and snare wolves with us on our trapline. We trap other animals on our trapline, but we can focus on whatever your interest may be. You may see wolves while flying to and from the trapline, but land and shoot hunting for wolves is not legal. It is not common to see wolves from the ground during the winter, so opportunities to shoot a wolf are rare, but possible. Wolves have set trails and travel patterns throughout the winter, so traps and snares can be set in their narrow trails or around moose and caribou kills to check later.

You are invited to join the Turner Family and a few of Alaska’s finest outfitters on true wilderness hunting adventures. Whether patiently stalking the trophy animals you dream of or checking traps along the winter trail…it’s all possible. We specialize in truly remote areas that are completely uninhabited by man.

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